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About Diamond Casting

    Diamond Casting & Machine Company Inc has been producing quality castings since 1955. The company has been committed to using more technology than our competitors since the current management was put in place in 1972. During the seventies, considerable technology, facility and operating procedure upgrades were put in place. Since 1980 Diamond Casting & Machine Co. Inc. has focused on producing superior die castings, permanent mold castings and various CNC machined products ready for assembly by our customer. This focus has resulted in Diamond doing considerable explosion proof, pressure tight, and very low porosity products over the years; very similar skills are required to achieve high quality paint finishes on cast products. To do this type of work well, Diamond has, since 1980 invested heavily in R&D and capital equipment to facilitate excellence in its target market. Diamond has unique capabilities in the casting industry to develop the casting process for low porosity, pressure tight and explosion proof products because in addition to a capable, experienced staff the company’s resources included considerable formal training in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and broad engineering principles. Today Diamonds’ casting capabilities are differentiated from most of the casting industry for very low porosity castings.

    Diamond Casting today has technology, equipment procedures and people that are beyond the scope of most companies that are in a similar business. We know how to produce products where others fail because we better understand the process dynamics, and we have great equipment that can perform way beyond what most in the industry is using.